Claire Lily



how can I help you?

Like most of us, I have been through a lot of 'stuff' in my life. Parents divorce, anxiety attacks for 15 years, married, divorced, lost pets and humans. Relationships good and the not so good. Moved abroad, married again, gained step daughters, hard custody battle, Breast Cancer, lost my Mum to LBD, lost my Father-in-Law to Leukemia, cut ties with a family member... and that is for starters! Yet, all I want to do is help others.

I do want to emphasize that I don't dwell on the things that have happened and don't even have a 'why me' attitude. I look back at these experiences and understand that I went through them to help others.

It's that plain and simple for me.


it isn't easy going through the hard times... is it?

Who is there for you?

REALLY there for you? Are you lucky enough to have family members, friends, colleagues who you can rely upon?

But what if you don't? You have family, friends and colleagues who you love and would ask their advice about most things in life:
* Which outfit should I wear to the party?
* What do you think of this new haircut?
* What can I get them for Christmas?
* Should I upgrade my car?

What about the really hard stuff? Who would you consult and trust with statements like these?

* I'm not happy in my relationship anymore
* I have a job opportunity but it's the other side of the country...
* I am having a hard time with...
* I need clarity on
* I am confused about
* I am stuck ... help!

You see, when I went through some of the hard times, I didn't want to discuss it with anyone. I always thought I could handle things myself or didn't want to burden anyone with my problems. When I realized I couldn't reach an answer, I felt that I needed someone to confide in, but didn't want the 'why didn't you come to me before?' question along with the 'I told you so's' a bias opinion, or even interference. That is when I consulted my tarot reader.

I was very fortunate to find one who was amazing and she fast became a shoulder for me to lean on and rely upon. Gaining a confidante, who didn't actually know me, who didn't judge or offer silly advice, just having her give me insight into my situation, some guidance and pathways forward, using her intuition and the cards, I was left feeling empowered and hopeful for the future.

Now it's my turn. Let me be your confidante.